Eat like a Dragon, or a subjective journey through Krakow's cuisine

Some time ago, we shared with you our tips on Krakow venues where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages in an amazing atmosphere. We thought it would be unhealthy to drink on an empty stomach, so we hurry to present you some great places where you can eat well and splendidly, and also make a so-called base for alcohol consumption.

The most important meal of the day

We won't start from the beginning, that would be too easy. However, we would like to emphasize that every self-respecting urban tourist starts the day full of impressions with a tasty and filling breakfast, which will refresh you before the hardships of sightseeing and introduce a solid dose of endorphins into your body. To all the hungry ones, for morning gastronomic experiences, we recommend with all our heart Milkbar Tomasza ( in the Old Town, where you will start the day with taste, regardless of whether you are a meat-eater, vegetarian, or vegan, there will be something good for everyone. The intimate atmosphere prevailing in the venue will make you feel like you are visiting good friends or relatives, and that's where breakfast tastes the best.

5 sniadanie

Friend, or something dear to our heart 

When hunger strikes after breakfast, let's assume it happens around noon, it's worth looking for something that will fill our hungry bellies with light yet satisfying food. Our recommendation for this occasion is the FILO Greek bistro (, which will open up a completely different dimension of cuisine from various corners of the Peloponnese. If you think you already know everything about Greek dishes because you've eaten hundreds of gyros, souvlaki, and eggplant casseroles sprinkled with metaxa, FILO will redefine your view of what is seemingly well-known. At FILO, you'll eat healthily, quickly, and in the popular finger food style. So if you like playing with the form of food and snacking from small bowls and plates, as well as sharing a meal with your friends or family, you better book a table at ul. Świętego Tomasza.


Hours pass, and once again you feel hungry. It's understandable, after all, you've been wandering around Krakow all morning, chasing pigeons in front of Prince Henry's statue, running from the dragon at Wawel Castle, or exploring the nooks and crannies of Kazimierz. With such activities, you can get tired, and certainly hungry. So, if fate or your guidebook brings you to the Kazimierz area, be sure to visit Zazie Bistro (, where you can indulge in cuisine inspired by French influences. The interesting, unconventional approach to spices and sauces, dressings, and the way dishes are served will make Zazie Bistro stay in your memory for a long time. The short but incredibly informative and full of flavors menu will satisfy even the most demanding foodies. You don't have to take our word for it, just try it once, and you'll see for yourself.

PS. You don't have to thank us, we know you'll enjoy it.


We talk about French or Greek cuisine, and someone says: Wait a minute! We didn't come to Krakow to try foreign specialties! We want something... Galician! And we say: Well, please check out CK Browar. ( Sounds good, right? It's spot on! If you're in the mood for traditional Polish flavors or want to show someone the culinary dimension of Polish hospitality, CK Browar is the perfect place for that. And if you happen to enjoy one or three mugs of excellent beer... no one will blame you.

5 golonka

Pork knuckle

The last chance to eat

It's getting late. It's dark and quiet everywhere, what will happen? What will happen? Your stomach is growling, and everything is already closed. You crave something warm, simple, and substantial... And here it is, all in blue... I mean, blue and white, with delicious, juicy sausages. Doesn't it sound like a dream? Like a mirage in a desert full of closed restaurants at night? Check out Kiełbaski z Niebieskiej Nyski near Hala Targowa ( and see that it's never too late for good sausage and a slice of bread.

If you're going to sightsee, do it like a hobbit. 

Every respectable tourist has something of a hobbit in them. They like to eat well to have the strength to explore new places. You already know where to recharge your gastronomic batteries, now it's worth using those accumulated calories wisely. And we can help you with that. Check out our tours, such as this one (, and think about how beautifully you could combine what we mentioned today. Think about it and see you soon!

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