Barflies recommend: where to drink in Krakow?

Drinking vodka is like bringing a fairy tale element into reality. This quote is attributed to Jan Himilsbach, who, in addition to numerous talents of various kinds, also had an extraordinary gift for creating timeless bon mots. With these words, we would like to take you on one of the many tours of the unique Krakow, a city that is overflowing with traditional accents that refer to Polish culture and tradition. It is easy to guess what topics this text will revolve around. That's right, fasten your seat belts and make sure you have a good driver at hand, because in the state we intend to leave you, you shouldn't be getting behind the wheel. Let's go!

If the times are good, vodka is healthy.

Let's start with this – Poland is the homeland of vodka, full stop. No one should deny this, because then they would be lying and deceiving, and that would be an unseemly and inelegant thing to do. We, on the other hand, to put it plainly, want to associate only with elegant company. Therefore, we take you to a place where elegance combines with frivolity, tradition with modernity, fun with learning. Let's start our tourist revelry from the absolute gem on the tourist map of Krakow! Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, before you is the Museum of Vodka Factory!


It is difficult to find a more interesting place than this venerable shrine at Fabryczna Street 13, at least when it comes to the pleasures of the Polish table. It is a must-see for any weary soul hungry for knowledge about Polish feast traditions. Regardless of whether you have already read a dozen books about old Polish customs or are just getting to know Polish culture – here you will surely find many half-forgotten treasures of knowledge and spicy anecdotes from Polish tables and inns. If Scots or Irish can boast of their whisky, lead tours of distilleries, and proudly present the fruits of their distilling work, then why, for God's sake, should Poles be worse?! The team behind the Museum of Vodka Factory must have come to a similar conclusion, and let us be damned if they did not master it.

Vodka is a person you can talk to.

It is worth supplementing theoretical knowledge with practice, which is why, in addition to a solid dose of museum education, we also propose pilgrimages to the most interesting pubs and bars that Krakow can boast of without unnecessary modesty. After all, it is not without reason that it has become a destination for celebrating various bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as birthdays, name days, and other prestigious jubilees. Let's see what Krakow has in store for us and what it can boast of in terms of high-class venues.

In the heart of Krakow, near the Town Hall and Cloth Hall, beats the festive heart of the former capital of Poland. Here, the magnificent Czeczotka Palace opens its welcoming doors to all thirsty rascals of any gender and invites them into its not-so-low threshold. If you want to taste more or less traditional alcoholic beverages, enjoy delicious food, and soak up the atmosphere of the capital, mercantile Krakow, you could not have found a better place! Truly, we tell you, you will drink and eat with pride and say that you have not tasted any worse in Krakow!


If you are looking for high-proof experiences, venture to Krakow's Kazimierz and be sure to visit Eszeweria, which will give you a glimpse of what this district and its alcohol docks looked like a few decades ago. The uncompromising and atmospheric tables and bar, drinks, and snacks will take you back to the times when Krakow resounded with dozens of languages and dialects, and each of the nations living here had its own ways of having a successful feast. Mazel tov!

For tradition lovers and supporters of the expression "Those were the days," we sincerely recommend the excellent Staropolskie trunki (“Old Polish spirits”). We are not only referring to the drinks themselves but also to the establishment with the same name, where you can find flasks and bottles with a liquid and sincere content that once graced the noblest tables in Polish history. By God, how can you resist not losing your mind and emptying your wallet there?!


For fans of obscure places and dark atmospheres, we would also like to recommend a place that horror literature enthusiasts under the banner of H. P. Lovecraft's cosmic horror visit daily. R'lyeh Cafe is a venue whose decor and served specialties refer to classic works of the Recluse from Providence. The author's meetings, RPG sessions, and convention parties often held here can be an extremely interesting and attractive addition to anyone looking for variety in their bar travels.

Vodka is the truth that is always understood too late.

Krakow is bursting with interesting and original places where you can relax and taste all kinds of drinks. If you are curious about how else you can look at the city of Polish kings, browse our offer at, and you will surely find something for yourself. Cheers!

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