The Scariest of the Scary, the Story of the House on Kosocicka Street

"Again about that house?" the man responds with undisguised irritation. "You keep asking about it incessantly. What's the matter with you?!" - his voice carries a growing anger. "Well, it's a good thing they already demolished it. Where did it stand? Ah, yes, there it stood! Oh, here! Are you satisfied?" - the conversation seems to be over, and the man walks away, but after a moment he adds: "If I were you, I wouldn't go poking around there. Who knows what's still left from THAT."

Everything for the Readers

Especially for you, we ventured to the outskirts of Krakow, in the vicinity of Wieliczka, to experience firsthand whether what is being said in the city is true. We have received many of your questions about the most haunted places in Krakow and its surroundings, and not wanting to disappoint you, we decided to start with a place that perhaps has the worst reputation in Krakow - the house on Kosocicka Street. From this point on, we feel obliged to inform you that this article falls into the category intended for adult readers, and those, it is worth adding, with strong nerves. Consider yourselves warned, as the topics we will be addressing here delve into the darkest aspects of human existence.

The House That Shouldn't Exist

Let's start from the end. The infamous house on Kosocicka Street no longer exists. It is worth mentioning because not everyone is aware that arguably the darkest building in the paranormal history of Krakow was demolished some time ago. So, there is no house as such, but its dark legend lives on.

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The Past of an Evil Place

Where the ill-fated building once stood, a small chapel was previously erected. It is believed to have been part of a cholera cemetery from the 19th century. However, there are voices claiming that the origin of the chapel is completely different and is associated with atonement for terrible sins from the distant past. Yet, no one knows who and for what they were supposed to repent and make amends. The accounts are fragmented and tangled, leaving us without specifics.

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The Beginning of the Nightmare

The story of the cursed house begins in the 1970s when two brothers decided to build a house on a cemetery plot. Over time, their relationship started to deteriorate, leading to frequent arguments and disputes. With each passing month, the conflict only intensified. There are different accounts regarding the reasons for this feud. Some maliciously claim that greed drove a wedge between the brothers, as they allegedly discovered a treasure dating back nearly five centuries, and neither of them wanted to share it. Others say it was about a woman or some long-standing unresolved issue. Some even recall that the house itself seemed to have an effect on them, as the wind whistling through the attic whispered wicked words into their ears, urging them to commit unforgivable acts. What really happened? Perhaps no one will ever know.

Cain from Krakow

Eventually, one of the brothers succumbed to the dark temptation and raised his hand against the other. Then, perhaps overwhelmed by a sudden realization and guilt for what he had done, he took his own life.

And so it happened that before the house could settle, its thresholds were stained with fraternal blood, and an unnatural chill was forever felt within its unfinished walls. Soon after, as the neighbors would soon discover, the spirits of the brothers returned to the unfortunate place, making their presence known and revealing the torment they had to endure even after death.

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Prose of Life, Horror of Death

Sadly, similar things have happened, and unfortunately, they still occur throughout Poland. So why would the house on Kosocicka Street be so exceptional in comparison? Perhaps the dark secret of this building lay in the intensity of unexplainable phenomena reported by the residents of neighboring plots? Or maybe it was because successive owners of the unfortunate property met their demise in equally dramatic and unexplained circumstances?

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Curiosity is the first step to...

The house on Kosocicka Street quickly gained local fame. Krakow residents hungry for intense experiences began flocking to the vicinity of the haunted building. The braver ones would enter inside, and the truly courageous or foolish, depending on whom you ask, even decided to spend the night there. Urban legends speak of a pair of workers who undertook a similar challenge but fled from the house with screams and terror in their eyes shortly after midnight. They mentioned strange altars scattered throughout all the floors, suspicious or damaged religious artifacts lying here and there. The walls were said to be covered with terrifying inscriptions in various languages. With each passing year, the dark legend of the house on Kosocicka Street grew and gained a gloomy power.


At a certain point, the fame of the house on Kosocicka Street transcended Polish borders and spread worldwide. Enthusiasts of paranormal phenomena from all around the world began to flock to the outskirts of Wieliczka near Krakow. The increasing number of pilgrimages by these peculiar individuals started to wear out the local residents. It's not surprising, really. Constant questions, photo sessions, and recordings could fray the nerves. Perhaps at the request of the neighbors or for other unknown reasons, the decision was made to demolish the infamous building. And so, the word became flesh in 2016 when the eerie house on Kosocicka Street was leveled to the ground. The memory remained, along with dark and unsettling legends.

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Are you afraid of the dark?

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